Wednesday, October 28, 2009

life is a jorney

This life is like a journey in a chariot.
Our body is the chariot itself.
The one reading this is the Driver of the chariot. He tries to steer the horses drawing this body. Horses, they are our emotions. If we don't hold reins in a disciplined manner, the horses can take us wildly away from the road into the gutters in which the possibility of breaking the chariot is certain. Therefore, the discipline of holding reins and taming horses is essential.

Taming horses? What training do you need?
The usual way is very rough, horses are whipped, cursed, frothing, the reins are pulled tightly…
The chariot is thus abandoned and probably already dirty and neglected, for "higher causes" of taming wild horses to which the Driver (this conscious "I") is so dedicated. And so, for the sake of efficiency in this life, on this journey of a breath in and breath out, the Driver keeps being concentrated on horses and the road, as preservation of the chariot is his only concern.

All until one day…

And truly, horses must be tamed to calmness before this happens…

The Driver has turned.

He has turned within.

There was Somebody sitting all that time on the back seat of the chariot, calmly watching the area, observing the efforts of the Driver and the strength of frothing horses…Somebody was sitting on this important seat within the chariot. Somebody wonderful …

The Driver slowly started realizing that neither chariot nor horses really belonged to him, that he was only responsible for them, as well as for the one he was driving all the time.

Did the purpose of the journey on which they all were depend on the tug of the wild horses of our animal desires? Or had tamed horses become the purpose offered to us by the coachman with his whips and reins?

Or was the true purpose given in the happiness that someone really enjoyed this journey, being driven in a royal seat in the back, so quiet and unnoticeable…

He becomes coachman's best friend as the coachman realizes the roles whose fulfillment bring lifelong joy and true freedom. With this joy renewed he returns to his journey, but now :

He Knows!

His "knowledge", which is the direct Experience of the limitless unconditioned love of the One sitting inside, the Driver now passes on to all parts of his little kingdom for which he is now responsible. Thus he throws the whip away, the reins loosen, and the horses are not tamed, they are tame… the reflection of Love reaches them too.And now, they are curried, fed and watered, and everything they yearned for in their hungry quest becomes available and possible, but this time, with the dignity they also acquire, as a reflection of the "master" coachman himself. The wild animal pride is being replaced with the noble dignity of a mustang.The freedom is acquired with happiness that you can be in company of a wonderful coachman who also acquires his freedom by serving that Master of Love on the back seat of the chariot. Mercy of a great love is their pay. Revelation that their purpose lies in the service of the One for whom the chariot was created, the horses and the coachman, brings the answer about the purpose of the Journey itself. Where does that journey lead, to where does it strive?

The journey is its own purpose and aim.
The joy on that journey is the aim. Amazed by the beauty of the journey, the one inside the carriage sings a song about the magical journey.Enchanted by the song, the coachman transforms, changes his habits, the habits of his horses, his angels, and he comes to the plane of archangels (captain), because they serve Him…And he serves the one he loves above all, who is smiling from within… The Love makes the coachman concerned… He worries not only for his winged horses and unicorns, but for the chariot as well, as, for in the name of lord, do you know Who rides in this chariot?And the chariot is being washed, enhanced, mended and carefully tended to. Not because of the chariot, but because of the one riding in it. Dress up then this chariot in a gala attire, free your horses from all torment that come from the temporary ignorance of the coachman.Give peace and dignity to the driver who is joyous in his little secret of a man in love with the one whose presence he has felt, whose face he divined while the one was telling him the truth about the mercy that transforms.Transforms coachman into a captain, now not only of a simple chariot, but a spaceship traveling the Galaxies.Captain that now knows and has Knowledge of the one he serves and helps with joy, not allowing the enchantment of the experience to seduce him out of the responsibility of an awake driver who must look in front and watch the horses and the chariot, because without them he would have no one to drive, and to the driver, that is the purpose of his title.

So you realize that on our journey there are many coachmen that still know not about the one they serve, or that should still discover that, awaken.And Know. Not only guess and believe, but experience and encounter.This way they think that this life is but a simple road upon which they drive their agitated horses with all those coachmen's curses that go with it (unsatisfied as they don't have the real knowledge they get even furious!).
Their carriages untidy, with horses that easily lose control, sad and mislaid, they often allow the fury of horses to drag them into an abyss where the chariot is broken in pieces, and nobody knows when will the next chance for this journey be given again.

The joy of this journey thus is denied if one does not get to know the real owner who really enjoys in beautiful scenery on this journey.

The journey of life.

When He is blissful on this journey, the driver acquires joy, the horses peace,and the chariot well-being.
That is the truth.

N O R witnessed

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